3 piece made to measure or 2 piece, you decide!

Quite often I am asked, do you suggest I get my new made to measure suit as a 3 piece suit or a 2 piece suit and my answer is always go for the 3 piece (if you can afford to.)

 Finance and fashion aside and we all know how fashionable it has become to wear a waistcoat (or vest as it’s called in the trade) over the last few years; a 3 piece made to measure suit is more practical.

 If you consider a suit worn for work in an office, quite often the jacket is hung up or put on the back of your chair as soon as you get there but a waistcoat is worn all day. The waistcoat element of a 3 piece suit provides you with warmth, pockets and. generally keeps you looking smart and tidy


3 piece suit
3 piece suit

If like me you’re a little corpulent then the waistcoat covers a multitude of sins, no longer can colleagues see gaping shirt buttons or shirt tails hanging out the back of my trousers.

The waistcoat isn’t only for those who are a little thick around the midriff, a waistcoat can also improve the appearance of someone who is thin. If you have a well-fitting waistcoat and use the strap and buckle at the back, you can draw the vest in at the midriff to emphasise your chest to waist ratio and thus making you look more athletic.

A 3 piece suit worn correctly can improve how you look no matter what your body shape.

At the end of the day, when you come to make your choice with made to measure, it’s all down to your own personal preference, after all, that is what a made to measure suit is all about, your choice, your style, your suit but there is one other piece of advice that I give all my made to measure suit customers when they are debating 2 piece or 3 piece and that is:

“A 3 piece suit can always be a 2 piece suit, a 2 piece suit can never be a 3 piece suit!”

So which would you go for?