10 Reasons why your next suit should be made to measure

#1 You’re unique, why isn’t your suit?
you're unique
You are an individual, why would you choose to wear a mass produced ‘one style’ fits all suit? With a made to measure suit you are getting a suit that is specifically designed, styled, cut, tailored and fitted for you. As we often say, ‘you’re unique, why isn’t your suit?’

#2 It’s all about the fit

Your tailor understands that your made to measure suit is all about the fit and when we say that, we really mean that, whether you want a skinny fit, a slim fit, a regular fit or a more generous fitting suit, we can accommodate your wishes, after all, your new suit is made to measure, that’s your measurements and not a pre-determined industry specific standard fit.

#3 Choice, why limit yourself?

With literally 100’s of cloth and lining patterns as well as style details and fits, your choice of made to measure suit is limited only by your imagination unlike ready to wear when you’re limited to what a buyer has decided to stock or a supplier has decided to offer the buyer.
Want a Cerise Pink suit? Not a problem. Want pleated trousers, that’s easy. Oh, and I would like a matching waistcoat – you’ve got it!

#4 Call that a lining?

There is an old joke that does the rounds within the tailoring profession and it goes like this:
The Tailors wife is walking through the local park when a man jumps out from behind a bush, opens his raincoat and flashes her. She stands there aghast and says ‘Call that a lining?’
But all jokes aside, often the lining of a suit can say as much about a man as the cut and cloth the outer is made from. A well thought out lining can transform a suit and your tailor will have an extensive range of patterned, shot and plain linings for you to choose from.

#5 Don’t get caught out in the trouser department.

Think about how you wear a suit, for the majority of people, it’s the trousers that get the most wear. You may work in an office environment where you hang your suit jacket up as soon as you get to work or you might have to travel long distances in a car where you again take your jacket off and hang it up – having the ability to get a second or third pair of trousers made will prolong the life of your suit.
Many of our clients have a second pair of trousers made at the time of ordering a made to measure suit as wearing each pair alternatively will add a great deal of service your suit. However, you don’t have to have a second pair made at the time of ordering your suit, for the majority of fabrics your tailor will carry are in pattern bunches, the mills will keep producing further quantities of cloth for many years to come meaning that a year or two down the line, if you should need a replacement pair of trousers your tailor probably can still make these for you.

#6 Power dressing isn’t just about stripes and shoulder pads

As a child of the 60’s I saw quite a lot of ‘Power Dressing’ during my teenage years in the 80’s with bold stripes and shoulder pads considered the norm but the old notion of power dressing has become out dated and has been replaced by confidence dressing and nothing can give you more confidence than a made to measure suit.

Knowing you’re dressed well, knowing that people will recognise that you’ve taken the time to consider your clothes, the design and how it fits does give you a confidence boost and in today’s competitive workplace, any boost you can get has to be welcome.

#7 Fashions fade, style is eternal

As Yves Saint Laurent once famously said, “Fashion fades, style is eternal” and a made to measure suit gives you style in abundance.
Made to measure is all about style, the style you choose, it’s not dictated to or controlled by fashion which is only around for a season or two at the most. A made to measure suit can be whatever you choose it to be because it’s you who dictates the fashion element within the garments and you who control the style, you are the designer.

#8 Help, I need somebody, help

Your tailor is there to help you, after all they want you to come back time after time, they want you to think of their name, their brand as soon as you consider a new suit and so your tailor will help you as much as they can with cloth selection, style details and fit.
Your tailor will have had years and years of experience in measuring clients, in advising them about the suitability of certain cloths over others dependent on your own requirements, use this experience, get the most out of your suit and you will be back for more.

#9 Cut your cloth accordingly.

Tailor working in his shop cutting a roll of dark fabric on which he has marked out the pattern of the garment he is making with tailors chalk close up view

Whilst a made to measure suit isn’t the cheapest option, it doesn’t have to be the most expensive either.  In general, the main variable in the price of a made to measure suit is the cost of the cloth and unlike a ready to wear suit where you might be paying a hefty excess simply for a label, made to measure is really all about the cloth.
Whether you choose the least expensive cloth your tailor will show you or the most expensive, the cost to make your suit is often the same with the cost of the cloth being the only difference. Many tailors will also offer a CMT (cut, make and trim) service where you can bring your own cloth to them to be made into a suit.
This allows you to quite literally ‘cut your cloth accordingly’

#10 It fits, it’s the best I’ve tried, it’ll do !

Walking through a Department Store one day I witnessed a man trying a sports jacket on, he looked in the mirror and said to his wife ‘It fits, it’s the best I’ve tried, it’ll do !’
I looked across and the man in question was wearing a jacket which had sleeves that were at least 1” too long and the shoulders were far too wide for him, in truth he was wearing a jacket that was at least half a size too big for him but as he said ‘it was the best’ he’d tried.
Made to measure is exactly what it says, it’s made to your measurements, your body shape and not to some generic size that designers believe you should be or in truth that manufacturers produce because it accommodates a variety of body shapes.
This ‘one size fits all shapes’ approach was often brought home to me when we used to measure wedding parties for hire suits. We would have groups of 6 or 7 young men all of a similar age group but who were quite obviously different body shapes however, when they were measured for their hire suits, they often would all have very similar ‘off the peg’ garment sizes with the inside leg being the only difference.
These garments would quite obviously fit some shapes better than others but were the best possible fit from the limited range of ready to wear sizes available, the same is so with off the peg suits, they fit – after a fashion.
Don’t settle on something because ‘it’s the best you’ve tried’ get a suit that really fits your bodies size and shape, get made to measure.

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