Made to measure suits; because you’re unique

made to measure suits, as unique as you are.
You’re unique, why isn’t your suit?

Is your suit as unique as you are? If it’s not made to measure it probably won’t be.

In a recent blog post ( 10 reasons why your next suit should be made to measure) I made the comment ‘You’re Unique; Why isn’t your suit.’

It’s a statement often made to clients. It was even on both the old Laurie Hopkins Menswear website as well as being on the new Travelling Tailor website.

When it’s said ‘You’re unique; why isn’t your suit’ just what does that mean? Obviously there are many style details you can incorporate in your suit to make it unique to you.

Real working cuffs for instance.

Real working cuff holes
Real working cuff holes with feature colour

Feature button holes where we coordinate one or more of your button holes (cuff or flower) with your choice of lining colour.

Pocket styles; Straight, slanting or extreme slanting.
Side or centre vents.

The number of ways you can make your made to measure suit unique to you are vast however today I encountered a first.

Last week I visited a cloth suppliers to purchase a suit length for a clients made to measure suit. Whilst there, the cloth supplier showed me a new and exciting pattern bunch they had produced. This bunch was made up of designs that were exclusive to them.

Later in the week I visited a second client who was looking for something different. He was wanting ‘something that not many people would have and that was as unique as he was!’

My client asked me to show him the new bunch. He quite literally could have chosen any number of cloths out of this bunch, he liked most of them. In the end he chose a cloth and today I went to purchase the suit length for his new made to measure suit.

Whilst collecting the cloth I mentioned to my supplier how the client loved the bunch to which he replied ‘Well he might like to know that he’s the first person in THE WORLD to have a suit made from that cloth, it’s so new.’

So when I say ‘You’re Unique; why isn’t your suit?’ I really do mean that your next made to measure suit could be like no other in the world.

Made to measure suits in Yorkshire and Lancashire

Made to measure suits in Yorkshire & Lancashire
Made to measure suits in Yorkshire and Lancashire by

If you’re looking for a made to measure suit in Yorkshire or Lancashire then our Travelling Tailor service is probably right for you.

Based in Huddersfield, Michael Hopkins of is happy to travel up to 60 miles to measure clients for their suits. The image above shows you the radius from our office.

Michael carries pattern bunches from many of the top Yorkshire Mills and cloth merchants. He can show you Super 100’s, Super 120’s through to Super 160’s. Mohair’s, Cashmere’s, Linen’s and Tweeds. He also has a speciality Tuxedo and Dinner Suit pattern bunch for those who like something a little different.

But I’ve got my own cloth?
That’s no problem. Coming from Huddersfield, the home of cloth, Michael is used to his clients having their own cloth. In fact, he quite often makes suits for the Directors of the local mills.

What if I live further afield than the 60 miles?
Why not contact us to discuss your made to measure suit requirements, we can and have accommodated clients beyond this range.

Telephone Michael on 01484 511088 to discuss how Travelling Tailor can help you.