A Mohair Suit – the perfect choice for a made to measure business suit when you are travelling the world.

As a Travelling Tailor offering made to measure suits to my clients, I often get asked to advise them as to which cloth is the most suitable for their needs.

Recently I had a client who traveled the world on business and who not only needs to look smart but also needs fabrics suitable for warmer climates.

He was looking for a made to measure business suit. It had to be light weight and cool to wear but it couldn’t be linen as that tends to crease.

So which cloth would I recommend?

The answer to his dilemma was a Mohair suit.

Mohair is a cloth that is not to dissimilar to Silk in appearance as it has a lustre to it. It’s derived from the fleece of the Angora Goat and when mixed with pure new wool and Trevira it is very resilient to creasing.

A Mohair suit will be sharp, not just to the touch but also in its drape, holding a crease perfectly. It’s one of the most luxurious of cloths and is often used in evening dress.

Cool to wear in warmer climes, Mohair is also very comfortable to wear when it’s humid as it has a wicking property to it.

My client chose (to my mind) the perfect made to measure business suit. It was a plain navy blue Kid Mohair, Wool & Trevira mix and only 8oz in weight.

That said, a Mohair suit isn’t just for business wear. Because it can be dyed very successfully, it’s often used in suits that have a fashion element to them.

Think of the MOD’s with their two tone Tonic suits. Think of Tuxedo’s with a lurex thread. Indeed, think of any sharp looking suit and the chances are it’s made with Mohair.

TravellingTailor.co.uk can offer you a wonderful selection of over 50 Custom Mohair cloths to choose from.

Whether you want plain, check, stripe or Tonic, we can supply you with the perfect made in England cloth for your needs.

Call 01484 511088 to arrange for our tailor to visit you in your home or office to discuss your requirements for a made to measure suit in Yorkshire or Lancashire

Slim fit and regular fit ready to wear wedding suits

Slim fit wedding suit
Grey suit available in Regular, Tailored or Slim tailored fit

Slim fit and regular fit ready to wear wedding suits

Hi, we are getting married in October this year. We would like the men in our Wedding Party to wear the same colour suits but the ones we like are all ‘slim fit’ suits. This fit is not suitable for the Dad’s and Grandad’s in our party who prefer suits that aren’t quite as fitted. Is there anything you can suggest to help us?

PS: We don’t want to have made to measure.

Thanks Nicola & Paul (Rochdale)

Hi Nicola,
First, congratulations you on your up an coming wedding to Paul.

Regarding your problem, I understand where you are coming from and it’s a problem I’ve come up against on a number of occasions before.

Fortunately, one of my suppliers has come up with a ready to wear solution to your slim fit or regular fit wedding suit issue.
They offer 6 different poly/wool cloths which are available in either Contemporary fit or Premier Fit. Contemporary is a slightly tailored fit and Premier is as fully tailored fit.

All cloths are available in 3 piece or obviously two piece with the Contemporary fit available in sizes 34” Chest – 54” Chest and the Premier in 34” Chest – 50” Chest.
All suits are sold on a mix and match basis. This means that we can get any size jacket to match with any size trousers. You’re not restricted to the 6” drop from chest to waist that standard ready to wear suits tend to have.
Each fabric is also available in Short, Regular or Long fit meaning that from ready to wear we can generally fit most members of a wedding party.
You can choose from Black, Dark Ink Blue, Charcoal, Blue Sharkskin, Ink Sharkskin or Blue/Black pin dot fabric. They also offer a Silver Grey pick’n’pick that is available in a Classic Fit as well as Contemporary and Premier fit.

If you were wanting a more luxurious super 100’s pure new wool suit, we can supply that. We deal with a German supplier who offer Super100’s suits in classic fit, slim fit and extra slim fit options.

I trust that this response helps you in your quest to find suitable wedding suits for your party. I am more than happy to visit you and show you the patterns available in our ready to wear suit selections.

Please contact me (Michael) on 01484 511088 to discuss your ready to wear slim fit and regular fit wedding suits.

Why Meyer could be the best fitting jeans you’ve ever tried.

You’ve probably heard of Meyer trousers and Meyer chino’s but did you know that Meyer make jeans?

Meyer jeans
Meyer jeans, possibly the best fitting jeans you’ve tried

Why Meyer could be the best fitting jeans you’ve ever tried.

The world famous German trouser manufacturer has a wonderful range of five pocket western jeans and denim trousers to complement their existing trouser range and that’s great news for the discerning menswear buyer because Meyer have brought the skill and expertise of trouser making for over 50 years to the denim market.

Meyer state that ‘High–quality materials, the excellent fit and functional details are what make MEYER trousers so special’ and this is evident in their jeans where fit is key.

Meyer jeans
Meyer jeans

When you buy a pair of Meyer Jeans, you’re buying a denim from a company who’s heritage is men’s trousers and good fitting men’s trousers at that. Unlike many Jean manufacturers, Meyer Jeans background isn’t workwear where functionality triumphs over fit, their background is good fitting trousers using quality materials and nowhere is this more evident than in their jeans.

Meyer Jeans – fashioned to fit.

TravellingTailor.co.uk carries a full sample range of Meyer Trousers and Jeans, why not call 01484 511088 to try them?

Made to measure to the Clone Valley, Huddersfield

made to measure in Colne Valley, Huddersfield
Delivering made to measure garments in the Clone Valley

This was the stunning view from my office on Saturday morning as I delivered Made to Measure suits to Marsden and Slaithwaite in the Clone Valley, Huddersfield.

I’m loving the freedom of being a Travelling Tailor.

Where to next – you decide!