Taron Egerton as Gary ‘Eggsy’ Unwin wears a bright Orange Velvet Tuxedo Smoking Jacket in the latest Kingsman 2 film – here’s how to get one just like it.

Tangerine Velvet Jacket from Kingsman film
Tangerine Velvet jacket as seen in Kingman: the Golden Circle

Due for release tomorrow (20th September 2017) in the UK, Kingsman 2: The Golden Circle once again stars Taron Egerton as Gary ‘Eggsy’ Unwin and Colin Firth as Harry Hart.

As with the first film in the series, Kingsman: The Secret Service, there is a great attention to style and design in the clothes the characters wear.

The Velvet Smoking jacket Tuxedo is once again in evidence. This time however, it’s Garry ‘Eggsy’ Unwin wearing one in a rather startling Tangerine Orange.
Fans of the film franchise may well recall Harry Hart (Colin Firth) wearing a Navy Blue Velvet Smoking Jacket. He completed the look with co-ordinating Tartan trews in the first film.

kingsman navy blue velvet jacket and tartan trews
Kingman navy blue velvet jacket

Colour is not the only difference.

Colour is not the only difference in the two Velvet Smoking Jackets used in the films. There are also differences in lapel styles.

Eggsy’s bright Orange Smoking jacket has Double Breasted peaked lapels. These lapels combined with the startling colour of the Pumpkin Velvet and the sharp fitted look of the jacket are perfect for the younger more fashion conscious style of Unwin. The jacket conveys perfectly the gregarious, cheeky and confident personality of Unwin.

Harry’s Navy Blue tuxedo on the other hand has a shawl-collar and the Velvet was a more muted shade of Navy Blue. The fit was also slightly more relaxed, perfect for the refined look Harry’s character requires. The pairing of the jacket with tartan trews suggests that whilst Harry is refined, there is nothing ‘ordinary’ about him.

So, which colour would you choose?

Should you find yourself wanting a tailor made unique velvet smoking jacket then we (travellingtailor.co.uk) have a wonderful selection of coloured and patterned velvets to choose from. From Tangerine to Hot Pink, Navy Blue to Turquoise, Silver to Calypso Red and of course black, all shades are covered.

You can choose the lapel design to suit your style, from Double Breasted peaked, Shawl or standard notched.
Just to finish the look, TravellingTailor.co.uk also has a large selection of Tartan’s should you wish to add a waistcoat and or trews to your Tuxedo.

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How to get the Harry Styles ‘Two Ghosts’ yellow double breasted suit that everyone is talking about.

The bright yellow double breasted suit Harry Styles wore on the Jonathan Ross show
Bright yellow suit worn by Harry Styles

Saturday night saw the (ex) One Direction singer Harry Styles debut his latest single ‘Two Ghosts’ on TV. From his self-titled ‘Harry Styles’ album the track featured on the Jonathan Ross show on ITV.

The tabloids and fans of Harry have gone into a frenzy on twitter over the stunning bright yellow suit he wore on the show. The show was first aired on Saturday 02/09/2017 on ITV.
Not only was the suit different because of its bright yellow colour but it was also double breasted. This is something that you don’t see that often on TV these days. Unless it’s a repeat of a sitcom from the early 80’s !

Harry Styles wore a bright Yellow suit.
Harry Styles bright yellow double breasted suit

About the suit.

Known in the trade as a ‘button 2 show 3’, the high fastening double breasted jacket featured dark buttons that stood out on the bright yellow fabric of the suit. Button 2 show 3 means that there are 3 sets of buttons on the front of the jacket with two being used to fasten the jacket.
Real functioning cuff holes completed the exclusive look of the suit that was obviously made to measure specifically for Harry.
So, how can you get a ‘Two Ghosts’ Yellow suit similar to the one worn by Harry Styles?
TravellingTailor.co.uk carry a large selection on cloth samples from various mills throughout Yorkshire and England. From stripes to checks and through to plains. One of these bunches carried is a Super 120’s selection of plain wools in various shades. There are 3 yellow shades to choose from, with Bright Yellow being one of them.

Bright Yellow Super 120's cloth to make a Harry Styles Two Ghosts Double Breasted suit.
Bright Yellow Super120’s to make a Harry Styles suit.

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